SFLIG volunteers volunteer and internship program seeks to give youth who wants to impact other lives the platform to make a difference in the lives of others with their skills and innovative ideas whilst they also learn from other cultures.

Program Cover Fees

  • Airport pickup upon arrival
  • Transportation to project site on first day
  • Meals - breakfast, and dinner every day (Lunch when necessary)
  • Arrival orientation
  • Pre departure information
  • A mobile SIM card for communication
  •  Accommodation
  • Utilities
  • 24/7 in-country support
  • Documentation and assistant for visa application
  • Letter of recommendation and/or certificate of participation after completion of program.

To keep the overall cost down, interns are responsible for obtaining various items before departure.
We will provide assistance as needed to help volunteers obtain the following items at their own cost:


Volunteer service can range from 2 weeks to 3 months. Program fees vary based on the length of the internship assignment. Under no circumstance will an intern be ask to pay any additional fee upon arrival in the country upon paying the required amount. Interns whilst in the country may wish to apply for extension of the program which will be agreed upon her track record on the assignment project and upon agreement to pay the required extra fee depending on the length of time she intends to extend her stay. A non-refundable deposit of $150 will secure project placement and process. The remainder of the program fee is due a month prior to the volunteer start date


Payments can be made via our Paypal account([email protected]), wire transfer, or other online
payment methods. Payment on arrival can also be arrange in rare cases.

2week    –  $450
3weeks  – $550
4weeks  – $650
5weeks  – $750
6weeks  – $850
7weeks  – $950

8weeks   -$ 1050
9weeks   -$ 1150
10weeks -$ 1250
11weeks -$ 1350
12weeks -$ 1450
13weeks -$ 1550


Volunteers will stay with a host family that will be provided by SFLIG volunteers, which is very safe for volunteers to adjust, adapt and know the Ghanaian culture and that of the community volunteers will be volunteering. The selection of a host family will deepen on the information that will be provided on the application form the volunteer submit. These host families are people who have been investigated and have good record and have good health. There are periodic checks to see if they are still up to standard. The accommodation is part of the program fee. Accommodation in hostiles and dormitories can sometimes be organized for group of 6 and upwards working on same or similar project or working at the same
project site. Same sex are put in same room and we make provision for couples and families to have their own room. 
Volunteers may or may not share their access to T.V, radio, electricity, kitchen, toilet and bath, clean water.


Host families are responsible for providing breakfast and super everyday. Due to the distance between project area and home lunch can’t be provided but if volunteers are at the accommodation during lunch they will take lunch. The foods served mainly consist of continental dishes comprising rice, chicken, beef, tea, coffee, bread, eggs, soup, potato, oaths, fruits, fish, etc. Local food that is mainly made from the above, tubers, beans and/or maize is served alongside. It is also very common for a volunteer to find a familiar dish in restaurants in different cities.


Interns are provided with well treated water which is purchased from certified producers of hygienically bottled or bagged water


Since it is a learning experience from another culture, intern will be thought and assisted by host family on how to wash with the hands and dry it to ensure that our interns are always kept clean.


Our interns are most likely to find themselves in outskirt places which we most often are our project sites.
At these areas one is likely to find the villagers waking up early to go to farms with their whole family even before their school going children will come and prepare for school. Sometimes water from bole holes and well are what most of the inhabitants uses. People gather around in the evening for storytelling and to discuss other pressing issues. Firewood is sometimes use to cook which is a delight to watch. Our programs are well organized, packaged and very affordable to benefit both host organization and volunteer.


Our volunteers are assured of organizational support and regular check with host family to ensure their safety.


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Solutions for Life Initiative – Ghana is a non-government organization aimed at providing education for some of the most vulnerable in our society – particularly girls and young mothers – so that they may become leaders of change for future generations.

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