Ghana stole my heart. I cannot explain how sacred this journey was. Not only did I become a member of a beautiful family of 50 children; but I gained a much better understanding of myself and the world around me.
As Americans, our worth and happiness is based upon our materialist mindsets. We all fall victim to unnecessary complaining, judgment and negativity. Unknowingly, we let our egos get in the way of the interactions we have with ourselves, others and the world around us. We forget how auspicious our lives are here in America and (me included) take a lot of things for granted.
In Ghana I witnessed joy, love and happiness like I’ve never seen before. The kids at the orphanage live beyond what you and I would consider minimal; yet they are the most grateful, compassionate and intelligent humans I have ever met. The kids range from 2-23 years old; most have never seen a computer and none of them have phones. They don’t have social media; therefore, their interactions and relationships are genuine and unfeigned. Their culture is flip flopped to that of America.
People live on .25 American cents a day which in their currency is 1 cedi. Their minimum wage per WEEK is 5 cedi’s which is equivalent to $1.50. Yet this is all they need to survive and never did I hear a complaint. They are the most magnificent people that I have ever had the privilege learn and grow with. I am already planning my trip to go back during Christmas. Always sending my love and blessings to everyone who shared their lives and their wholesomeness with me.

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Solutions for Life Initiative – Ghana is a non-government organization aimed at providing education for some of the most vulnerable in our society – particularly girls and young mothers – so that they may become leaders of change for future generations.

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