Our Empowering Young Mothers Initiative is focused on promoting positive behavioral change in young mothers, their immediate families and wider society. This group addresses the stigmatisation experienced by young mothers after they give birth, and the difficulty they experience taking care of themselves and their newborn, on the limited funds they have. Through the provision of counseling services, and education and training opportunities, SFLIG aims to build the confidence of young mothers so that they may be self-sufficient and able to take care of themselves and their child well into the future.

Some examples of the services that are provided include:
• counseling on stigmatisation
• developing self-confidence and their rights,
• outreach programs to the school and community of the mother to lift the stigmatisation,
• Back to School programs that financially support the re-introduction of young mother’s to school,
• financially supporting training in business initiatives including batik tie and dye, screen printing on clothes and traditional basket making using recyclable products,
• organizing access to crèche, nursery and kindergarten facilities,
• providing education seminars on family planning and human rights issues such as child rights, and
• providing health education on fistula’s, immunization, breastfeeding, child nutrition and regenerative health for mothers.

All of these services aim to ensure that the mother exercises her fundamental human right to freedom – freedom from stigmatisation; freedom gained from education and employment and freedom to access health care. In gaining this freedom, the young mothers break free of the oppression caused by a lack of education and contribute positively to their families and their community, but more importantly that this, themselves and their future daughters.


Solutions for Life Initiative – Ghana is a non-government organization aimed at providing education for some of the most vulnerable in our society – particularly girls and young mothers – so that they may become leaders of change for future generations.

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