The Change Makers Ambassadors Club (CMAC) is a club aimed at 12 – 20 year old females from disadvantaged communities. Whilst our Empowering Young Mothers Initiative aims to ensure young mothers are equipped to overcome the difficulties experienced by teenage pregnancies, the CMAC was founded to ensure that young women make well-informed decisions so that they may not experience these same difficulties. The club uses mentoring by successful women and educational techniques as tools to build the young women’s critical consciousness, confidence and capacity to claim back their education rights.

The club achieves these goals by focusing on topics such as:

  • career counseling and goal setting,
  • health education including instruction on puberty,
  • personal hygiene and sex education
  • discussions about risk taking behaviors including drug and alcohol use,
  • relationship advice,
  • character building activities,
  • development of leadership qualities, and human rights discussions including rights and responsibilities of a child.

Education is a fundamental human right, but for many of the participants in the CMACs it is a right that is not easily accessed. These clubs advance the rights of its participants by providing free education in a safe and supportive environment – education on topics that are gender specific and not discussed in depth in formal education settings. In providing this education, young girls are empowered to envision a life beyond early marriage, discrimination and violence, and to look to a future where they have the skills and knowledge to enact real change in their lives and the lives of those around them.


Solutions for Life Initiative – Ghana is a non-government organization aimed at providing education for some of the most vulnerable in our society – particularly girls and young mothers – so that they may become leaders of change for future generations.

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