When my friend Sarah and I arrived at the airport in Accra, Ghana, we did not know what to expect, however we were very excited about the adventure that lay ahead. We were greeted be a friend of our volunteer organiser at the airport and arranged by bus to our destination 5 hours away in Kumasi, Ghana’s second largest city to begin our 2 week volunteering experience.

We stayed with volunteer organiser Sally and her husband Nana at their house in Kumasi, and they both could not be more welcoming and straight away we felt like home. A few days later we began our time at the local school, where every day following we were always high fiving the kids and being welcomed as Aunty Sarah and Uncle Scott. We also got to know our local Ghanaian names, Sarah called Abenaa (Tuesday born) and myself Scott called Kofi (Friday born), and we often introduced ourselves by these names affectionately.

It was a fantastic experience assisting the teachers with their work and also having the opportunity to play games with the kids that we use to play growing up in school back in Australia. We were also present during a vibrant prayer session, where the kids and teachers were singing along to traditional hymns. It was such a powerful and inspiring sight to witness.

The orphanage we visited were also very welcoming and the kids here were so excited to play games and read books with us. It definitely put a smile on our faces but more importantly theirs.

The whole experience was one that we are never going to forget. It was great to get out of our comfort zone and immerse ourselves in a different culture and way of life. I recommend this to anyone who wants to both challenge themselves but also experience a rewarding, and exciting adventure in a country full of lovely, welcoming and respectful people.
Nationality: AUSTRALIA

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