Rehabilitation Program

This program seeks to rehabilitate and reintegrate adult psychiatric patient from the age 18 upwards back to their communities safe and sound. The rehabilitation program takes 9 to 18 months and the home has maximum bed capacity of 55. Though the rehabilitation program runs for 9-18 months volunteers can apply any length of stay beginning two weeks.

These are patients suffering drug addiction, depression due to financial, marital and other related life issues.

This programs looks for medical and pre-medical students to work with the homes resident nurse to administer their medication and help take care of them.

The home also seeks for Occupational therapist to help quicken the rehabilitation and reintegration program, to develop in non-professional service users trade skills to enable them earn some money when the go home.

Art appreciation psychologists is urgently needed to run art therapy project. Again a psychologist is need to help guide and counsel the inmates. Lastly anybody who has the love psychiatric patients who have been neglected by their families at the mercies of the home which struggles to give them two meals in a day can join this program to give love, care, support and play with the inmates is cordially welcome to work at the rehabilitation.

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