Teaching and Assisting Schools

As part of our effort to support our education system especially less resource schools, we seek for volunteers to help assist such deprived schools which normally lack adequate and quality teachers as well as teaching and learning aids.

Volunteers help teach subjects like English, Maths, ICT, science etc. Volunteers often assist teachers until they are familiar and able to teach alone. Volunteers are place most often in schools that lack adequate resources

Volunteers help in a range of subjects, including mathematics, science, geography, social sciences, history, business education, art and music, as well as English.

The teaching takes place in nursery, primary and secondary schools where volunteers initially either shadow or teach under the supervision of a local teacher. Once acquainted with the school and the curriculum, volunteers in Ghana get the chance of teaching independently. It is important that volunteers are flexible as there are a number of other tasks they can help with. These might include helping children with their homework, arranging games and activities, cleaning the classroom and assisting teachers with administrative duties.

It is not compulsory to have prior teaching experience or to have completed formal teacher training to volunteer in Ghana for this program. Volunteers level of involvement within the classroom can be tailored to suit your their skills and interests. A willingness to share and an ability to be proactive is important and will make volunteers a valuable addition to any classroom.

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