Support and Teaching Autistic People

This project takes care of the  mentally handicapped people in Ghana. The project is mainly funded by individuals and Non Governmental Organizations. The main vision of this program is to equip the Intellectually Disabled with the required attitudes and vocational skills that will make them functional and employable through volunteer support.

The project centre is a boarding facility for the intellectually challenged.

Most of the people at the institution has families who have neglected them because of their disabilities.

The government is supposed to run the centre but is day to day activities have been left at the mercies of benevolent individuals and groups which makes it difficult for the inmates to even get quality three square meals.

The centre lack both human and material resources to help the inmates in learning basic life skills. The centre currently has total enrolment of Seventy-four (91) students and five teachers including Two House Mothers, who see to the daily living activities of the inmates such as supporting them to dress up, wash down, toileting and many other support services. Which makes it difficult to monitor and give attention to the students.

The centre currently has a sensory centre to help the inmates interact with creative art materials to help bring the creativity in them but they is no personnel to help run the place.

Volunteers are therefore urgently needed to help give the students life skills, teach them basic everyday living like dressing up, how to wear their shoes, comb the hair, brush the teeth etc as well as, help to develop their intelligence quotient (IQ), teach basic drawing, craft, English and teaching them fun games and activities that help them to play and interact with one another.

Volunteers with various interest are needed. Volunteers with teaching or non-teaching background,  volunteers in the field of arts, medical volunteers( to help administer their daily medication.

This program is meant for anyone who has a big heart and knows he/she is matured enough to be with the Intellectually Disabled.

Donations in cash or in-kind is much appreciated especially toiletries, cloths, visual learning aids, disability learning aids, crafts and art supplies are much needed.



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Solutions for Life Initiative – Ghana is a non-government organization aimed at providing education for some of the most vulnerable in our society – particularly girls and young mothers – so that they may become leaders of change for future generations.

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