Amanda Kelly

I taught nursery, kindergarten and first grade classes on rotation with two other volunteers. In return for teaching the kids english, math, and creative arts they taught me how to do flips on the trampoline, how to dance the Azonto, how to prepare Ghanian food, how to clean the orphanage, and how to change a diaper without a changing table or wet wipes (eek!). Most importantly, the kids at Cherubs taught me how important family is and how little we actually need to be happy. As far as material things go the kids at Cherubs didn’t have much but they had their love for each other and that was everything they needed to be happy. The kids cherish the bond of family they have with one another and welcome volunteers with open arms into their home. Just thinking back to the moments I spent with the kids at Cherubs brings a smile to my face! I’ve been back for two days and I already miss Ghana and all the people I met on my adventure so much! I hope to return someday! Thank you Austin College, Love Volunteers and Solutions For Life Initiative- Ghana for making this adventure possible  


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