During my stay in Ghana I spent most mornings helping in the labour ward at the local hospital. Coming from an Australian hospital, it took me a little while to adjust. But the midwives were beyond wonderful, each taking time to ensure that I got most out of the experience as I could. Every day I was greeted with beautiful smiling faces yelling “Obruni!” and “Akosua!” as they grabbed my arm and lead me down the corridor to ensure I didn’t miss a thing. I was able to get plenty of hands-on experience and was free to choose my own workload.

When there was a quiet morning, the midwives would sit me down and attempt to teach me Twi while feeing me Banku and other local Ghanaian foods. I was continuously amazed by how the midwives have adapted to cope without access to equipment and supplies that I take for granted in Australia.

From the hospital, I would then spend my afternoons at a local orphanage. There I met some of the most amazing children I will ever meet, ranging from one year to 17 years. It was always so much fun caring and playing with the children. I miss them so much and never thought that I would get so attached to them all!

I hope that one day I will be able to make it back!

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