Scott & Sarah

When my friend Sarah and I arrived at the airport in Accra, Ghana, we did not know what to expect, however we were very excited about the adventure that lay ahead. We were greeted be a friend of our volunteer organiser at the airport and arranged by bus to our destination 5 hours away in Kumasi, Ghana’s second largest city to begin our 2 week volunteering experience.

Melissa Bett

WOW!! Incredible! Unforgettable! I have no idea where to begin. My time spent in Ghana was such an indescribable experience. I absolutely feel in love with Ghana, it’s culture and it’s people!
During my stay in Ghana I spent most mornings helping in the labour ward at the local hospital. Coming from an Australian hospital, it took me a little while to adjust. But the midwives were beyond wonderful, each taking time to ensure that I got most out of the experience as I could.

Christine Pace

A few months ago, I took a blind leap, not knowing what to expect, and signed up to volunteer in Ghana for 2 months. I had never volunteered overseas and had never been to Africa. I was placed by the Lv local team in Ghana to work with children at Cherubs Orphanage. To say that this experience had a profound effect on my life would be insufficient. I learned so much about myself and my world.

Paulette Osamor

Medical volunteer
Ghana, all in all, is an amazing country. Loads of friendly faces always smiling, and the people behind those smiles are always wanting to help. The city of Kumasi, with a population close to 2 million, is something I like to refer to as a city that never sleeps. It's a busy place filled with tro tro's and taxis, that takes the idea of traffic to a whole new level.

Olivia St John

I spent three amazing weeks in Ghana; it was my first time volunteering abroad and what an unforgettable experience it was. I travelled to Ghana with a friend and we stayed with Sally and Nana whom are wonderful, they made us both feel very welcome and contributed greatly to the amazing experience we both had. We stayed with Sally and Nana in Kumasi which is about 4 hours from Accra. We travelled from Accra to Kumasi by coach the following day after we had landed. However just to mention I believe there is an alternative route by air. The journey to Kumasi wasn’t at all bad as the coach we travelled on was air conditioned with comfortable seats and had a television so we couldn’t complain.


I participated in the medical volunteer program in Ghana, where I volunteered at Asokwa Children’s hospital. They rotated me around the different departments of the hospital: emergency ward, taking vitals, pharmacy, and lab, so I got to experience a little bit of everything. It was definitely a great learning experience, and I honestly feel like I got more out of it than I was able to contribute. Because I didn’t have any medical training, I couldn’t always be of help but after I got more acquainted with the place and the people, I began making a lot of friends and trying more and more to offer up help. I was actually very grateful I was working in the hospital, because there were a lot of nursing students my age who were also working there.

Kirsten Harris

Ghana is a very special place! The people are generous, hospitable, open-hearted, and helpful. It's been called the "Gateway to Africa" and I really think that is really true. I had never travelled to any African country before, but now I definitely have the desire to go back to Ghana and also visit other countries, too. Working with the children at the school and the orphanage was a very wonderful experience. In each case, I was really able (after a couple days of getting used to everything) to sink my teeth into the work, and the kids (and staff) were really great!


Working with Children
Experiences of a foreign volunteer in Ghana
Africans are known of their hospitality and Ghanaians make no exception to this. Hospitality is the first thing you notice, when you arrive to Ghana. It can be noticed everywhere, especially when you are visiting somebody's home.

Matt Taylor

I spent three incredible weeks in the Ashanti region of Ghana teaching English and Maths at a local village school. It was an absolute pleasure to travel at such an affordable cost to do the work that I love in such an exotic country that had always been my dream to visit! The majority of my time on the project was spent teaching a class of eight-nine year olds, all at different levels of schooling. Having worked before in a UK school where things are done differently, it took a bit of getting used to the Ghanaian approach to schooling and to life in general, where everyone seems so laid-back about everything.

Jessee Clauson

Working with Children
Ghana stole my heart. I cannot explain how sacred this journey was. Not only did I become a member of a beautiful family of 50 children; but I gained a much better understanding of myself and the world around me.

As Americans, our worth and happiness is based upon our materialist mindsets. We all fall victim to unnecessary complaining, judgment and negativity. Unknowingly, we let our egos get in the way of the interactions we have with ourselves, others and the world around us. We forget how auspicious our lives are here in America and (me included) take a lot of things for granted.

In Ghana I witnessed joy, love and happiness like I’ve never seen before.


The decision to volunteer and to give time, money and my heart to those who weren’t quite so lucky in life turned out to be an AMAZING experience that re-shaped my view of the world. I love to travel and to get completely lost in the moment. So also this time I didn’t prepare beside a Lonely Planet, all the vaccinations and Malaria medicine and a huge suitcase full of toys. It was just perfect, I did not need more.

Anna Wiese

Teaching and Assisting in School
I spent a month living with a host family in Ghana when I was in high school, two years ago. It was the first time I had traveled alone to a foreign country. It was a great learning experience and gave my the opportunity to grow in my understanding of the world. It was the first time I had been fully immersed in a cultural community that was very different from my own. Everyone I met was very welcoming and invited me into their homes and wanted to share something of theirs with me. The community I lived with was so friendly and accepting of outsiders.

Amanda Kelly

Just thinking back to the moments I spent with the kids at Cherubs brings a smile to my face! I’ve been back for two days and I already miss Ghana and all the people I met on my adventure so much! I hope to return someday! Thank you.

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