About us

Our mission is to help connect individuals and groups looking for the opportunity to give back to society to the very people who needs their support where both parties benefit. Volunteers experience new culture and life whilst helping to better the lives of the community.

We envisage a voluntary journey where volunteers discover themselves and receives more than they give.

Our main objective is to mobilise resource to educate and empower the less privilege especially women and girls through volunteering and internship support.

Solutions for Life Initiative – Ghana is a non-government organisation aimed at providing education for some of the most vulnerable in our society – particularly girls and young mothers – so that they may become leaders of change for future generations.

Whilst education is ‘free’ in Ghana there are still expenses incurred to provide for the students – uniforms, school lunches, textbooks, supplies, registration fees and transportation. Culturally, when presented with the expenses of educating a child, the decision to choose between a son’s education and a daughter’s, most families will invest in their son. This is a result of further opportunities offered to boys in civil service work compared with the agricultural and informal opportunities available to girls.

 SFLIG provides direct assistance in improving the educational outcomes of female adolescents. This is evident in the development of the A,B,Cs for Change group, the training and education given to young mother’s in the EYMI, the informal education given in the CMAC and the direct financial contributions made to selected young girls so that they may successfully complete high school.

These aforementioned methods allow SFLIG to battle illiteracy and the drop-out rates of young women, educate and empower teenagers to make informed decisions about their education and lifestyle choices and to open their eyes to the possibilities that they have as young Ghanaian leaders of tomorrow.

The above mention social issue is the reason why you should volunteer with us if you want to see the impact you are making with your money, time, love and of course the faith you place in us in traveling to an unknown land. We don't also just place you in a project, we work with you at your placement location.

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